About the Clinic

Initial Treatment

Each person is unique with specific needs and concerns. Through an initial 90 minute evaluation and treatment we work together to understand and optimize your individual health plan. After our initial visit, we offer group and private treatment settings. We work with you to help determine which treatment model best suits your needs. Both types of treatment settings are valued because we realize each person has specific needs and preferences.

Private Treatment

Private treatments are a time for deep healing. During these sessions, your individual needs and concerns are addressed in a private treatment room setting.

Community (Group) Treatment

Our group treatment model comes from Asia where it has been the treatment style for centuries. This group model involves up to four patients being treated simultaneously in an open space setting. During group treatment each patient receives quality individualized care, their privacy is respected, and there is the added benefit of the community healing energy that occurs. In group style treatments we are able to lower our costs and provide a sliding payment scale, making acupuncture accessible to all people at every level of income. [ Our Services ]

Our Practitioners


Julie Gwyther, LAc, MSOM



Carla Marie Toth, LAc, MAOM