2012 Spring Cleanse

It's just about SPRING!  That wonderful time of year when the air seems clean, nature explodes with life and color and, if you're like us, you just want to get outside and be a part of it all.  Our Spring Cleanse Special  is all about getting healthy and in tune with nature – starting with your own body. 

If you…

  • feel stuck in a rut
  • are tired all the time
  • are frustrated with yourself
  • don't sleep well
  • are addicted to sugar or other foods that you know aren't good for you
  • need a way to get refocused on healthy eating

Then it is time for a cleanse!

March is a month of change. We are transitioning from the cold chill of the winter months to the warmer, more favorable season of the spring. What a great time to take advantage of renewed energy and an opportunity to clear out all of the old clutter that has accumulated. This can be a metaphor, inside our physical bodies, for all of the remnants of the holiday season that linger in our system and slow us down.

Heavy starches, refined sugars, alcohol and caffeine can all leave residues that weigh us down. We can take simple steps to renew and lighten up the body.  Just as we till the soil of a garden in spring to grow plants for the harvest of fall, we can prepare our bodies for the increased activity of the summer and plant the fertile seeds of the goals we wish to accomplish throughout the year.
This year we are preparing individualized cleanses that we want you to be a part of.  We invite you to “clean out the closets” of your bodies (and if you are inspired to try this at home, we encourage cleaning out the closets, too!).  We are here to support your process along the way.

The purpose of cleansing is to reduce the quantity of food eaten and minimize the types of foods that cause toxicity to the body. Easily digested foods allow us to free up energy that can be used to help rid toxins from the body. Since each person has a different constitution, diet, and lifestyle, each one of us needs a specially tailored cleansing protocol.

As a gift to our patients this month, we are offering a cleanse package with 15% off of 3-5 acupuncture treatment sessions over two weeks, to support a general flushing out of toxins from the body.  Along with acupuncture treatments, patients will receive individualized cleanse programs, Chinese herbal remedies (if appropriate), and general lifestyle guidelines for cleansing.  Patients can choose to cleanse for different lengths of time, from 3-10days.

During this time of cleansing, our friends at O3 Oxygen Fitness and Shannon Rose Riverfront Personal Training will be offering their services for you at a discount.  Renelle at O3 will be offering an initial oxygen therapy treatment for $25 and Shannon will be offering Chakra System yoga.
Our program is offered from March 19th until the end of the month.  

Call, email, or come by the clinic to set up your spring cleanse!